Body-safe toys should be sanitized when you first purchase them, between anal use, and after each use. To be extra safe, it’s wise to sanitize toys frequently after anal use. For all methods, wash the toy with soap and mild water.

Very important store all your toys dry and separatly from the each other. If you have, keep each toy in soft cotton bag. Don't keep toys in humid areas like bathroom.

H O W  T O  S T O R E  T O Y S ?

Don't toss your sex toys in your bedside drawer after use and call it a day. Dust, crumbs and germs will swarm over your sex toys, which could then end up inside of you or your partner - ick! If you don't want that to happen, here's how to store your adult toys the right way.

Option 1: Use a cloth bag

For a cheaper way of storing your sex toys, you can wrap them in cloth or store them in a cloth bag, to avoid them getting dusty. Many adult toys come with their own dust bags for safe storage, so please use them!

Once you put your toys in your bag, you can then tuck them away somewhere safe. DO NOT use plastic containers or plastic bags to store adult toys - depending on the material your toy is made from, the chemicals can leak into the toy over time, which is not something you want entering your body. If you have a porous sex toy you need to be extra careful, as it can soak up bacteria. This includes silicone and rubber/jelly sex toys.

Option 2: Use a Sex Toy Storage Box

If you're looking for something more secure than a humble cloth bag, a storage box specifically designed for adult toy storage is the answer. Lockable sex toy cases keep your naughty valuables a secret from prying minds and fingers. The keyless locking system makes them perfect for storing your sexy stash safely, cleanly and securely.

S A F E  S E X  T O Y S  S T O R A G E  T I P S

Now that you've got something to store your sex toys in, here are a few more tips for ensuring your adult toys are stored safely.

Remove the batteries from your sex toys when you're not using them.

Leaving the batteries in can actually corrode your sex toys and drain the battery life, since they're conducting at a low charge when in the toy. There's nothing sadder than the halfhearted buzz of a vibrator on low batteries, or worse - it running out of juice before you climax!

Do not store sex toys together - some materials react with each other and can ruin your toys!

When storing a sex toy collection, wrap each toy individually to prevent the toys touching. This is vital because some materials, such as silicone, TPE and rubber, can react with one another, which will tarnish and ruin your sex toys. Keep your toys separate to prevent needing to retire them early.

Make sure you're using the right lubricant with your sex toy.

Don't use silicone or oil-based lubricants with silicone sex toys because it will stick to the material and break down the surface of your adult toy. To aid the lifespan and safe-use of your sex toy, use water-based or hybrid lubricant for any porous sex toys. Non-porous sex toys, such as glass toys, are safe to use with any kind of lubricant.

Use a condom with your porous sex toys.

Some porous adult toys, such as sex toys made from jelly, can't be completely disinfected, so you should always use a condom when using it with a partner. If you're only using your toy on yourself, you should be fine as long as you wash it after every use. Always use a condom if your toy is made of jelly, since jelly toys contain potentially dangerous chemicals called phthalates. While there isn’t conclusive information on the health effects of them, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Always check to make sure your waterproof sex toys are still safe to use.

If the little rubber plug or O-ring that covers the battery compartment of your toy is missing, loose, or broken, no more shower fun for you. Sorry, but your adult toy is no longer waterproof. Check for cracks I your adult toys that could indicate that they're unsafe to use.

Look out for anything that might signal it's time to throw out your adult toy.

Even the best sex toys don't last forever. If your sex toys is looking a little worse for wear and is falling apart or no longer holds its charge for long, it's time to upgrade! If the sex toy is within warranty, make sure you organize a replacement.

Wash your adult toys after every use!

We don't think we need to delve too deeply into the reasoning behind this one, but sex toys are a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned after each and every use. Use a sex toy cleaner or hot soapy water. If you want to be really safe, wash your toys before every use, too.

Don't submerge any non-waterproof or splash-proof toys in water to wash.

If your toy has batteries, plugs into the wall, or buzzes in any way, you have to take extra precautions. Wiping it down with a warm, soapy washcloth or spray and wipe using sex toy cleaner is all you need to do. Don't submerge your adult toy in water if it's not completely waterproof, or it will die!

Your sex toy collection should be taken care of, by cleaning toys properly, drying them properly, and storing them in separate cloth bags in a cool, safe place